Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Linking two worlds

This is an epic unsupported ride that connects two different Guatemalan states, Mayan cultural groups and mountain chains together. Not to mention is a monster ride.

An early morning leave from the friendly confines of el Unicornio Azul takes us across altiplano cowboy country.

The views are big, the valleys deep and the singletrack, well pretty world class.

At the top of the "horseshoe", the connector piece of technical trail drops us from the state of Huehuetenango to that of Quiche.

After getting beaten up of this rocky descent we stop in for a much needed siesta along the rio palop for lunch.

At last after a couple mega valley descent/ ascents we arrive at the "Hacienda San Antonio", home to Guate's best cheese and a rowdy herd of blue heelers.

Morning in Acul, at the cheese farm

Little Switzerland in Guatemala.

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AuggieDelka's Blog said...

I love Hacienda San Antonio! We stayed there a few years ago, and they had puppies then!!