Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pan American games

This weekend Guatemala hosted the mountain bike portion of the Pan Am games. Our young buck guide and star old town race team captain Pancho was leading the charge of the Guatemalan hopefuls.

Pancho warming up pre race

The racing was fierce with several top US and Canadian riders in the field. Guate was clearly out gunned but still showing up and taking care of business

Todd Wells holding on to the #1 spot up the climb. The hill of pain was a move making spot where a strong rider could make a critical pass as the weaker riders were pushed off their bikes by roots and off cambered steep sand.

Young gunner Pancho manages to keep both wheels turning on the climbs which helped him roll onto a 13th spot finish in the Sub 23 group.

At just over 18 years old Panchito is gonna be a force to be reckoned with at next years games. Thad right a 13th spot finish in his first major competition and barely old enough to compete.
Watch out gringos Pancho will be on the
Move next year!
Congrats on a great race Panchito and the rest of Team Guatemala.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BIKE Magazine Sneak Preview

A few months back the good lads at BIKE MAGAZINE sent a team down to Guatemala to check out the mountain biking scene here. Needless to say we made sure to show them a good time. Jordan Manley took some stellar images of our trip. Having seen his images I thought maybe he had shot in some other location. Damn does he have a good eye. Keep an eye out for his stuff in BIKE and most every SKI publications.

-taking in the sunset in the Cuchumantanes-

A few of the photos from the trip that will soon grace the pages of this summers BIKE magazine telling the story have been leaked to us here at the shop. I figured I would go ahead and post ya a few of these jewels.

-Atitlan Singletrack at sunset-
We greased the trails at Atitlan for a few days making sure to hit all the favorites and a couple stealh new trails as well. We had amazing weather and I think Jordans images can attest to that.

-Mateo roundin it out on a new ride "Ladies Choice"-
Not sure how he can make these images so bad ass, but they're pretty stellar.

-Luisa Getting nasty on the Santa Cat-
For more images go to Jordan's website and hold tight for the images to come out this summer.
-Traffic jam on Volcan de Agua-