Friday, February 10, 2012

Antigua to atitlan part I

Our ride from Antigua to lake Atitlan is a three day single track love fest that starts out climbing high into the hills above Antigua.

The trail traverses the "Cielo Grande" ridge that separates Antigua from the western side of the mountains.

It's a super rural area full Mayan culture, color, beautiful singletrack and high views.

Van supported lunch from Welber "Don Fish" Jiminez on our way to the base of the Parramos climb.

On one of the FEW flat plains in Guatemala riding west towards volcanoes Acatenango and Fuego in the distance. The flats end soon enough and the trail steadily starts its way upward to the Western Highlands.

One of the many pieces of pine forest singletrack making out way to Tecpan, the original Spanish colony in Guatemala.

Up and down through plenty of ravines the trail finally drops us down the last section of twisty technical trail to the hotel.

A beautifully restored flour mill from the early 1900's to cozy B&B.
Part II Tecpan to Pana starts tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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