Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Railroad gang day 2

Loooooong day in the saddle today.

We pushed some 80 plus kms. From Gustatoya to Zacapa. That mightn't mean a whole lot to most folks but let me tell you it's a long way.
The ride out to the town of El Rancho was pretty incredible! Lots of cool trail, fast and fun with a few big bridges to cross.
In el rancho begins the long push out across the Montagua valley to El Rancho.

I was surprised by the amount of trail along the way where most of the railroad ties and hardware have been ripped out and sold as scrap metal to be
Melted down to build large Chinese buildings.

As this part of Guatemala is
Semi arid desert I thought the heat was gonna be the hard part. As it turns out it wasn't so hot due to an equally strong villain, a headwind. Throw that in with a few thousand thorn bushes to dodge along the way and you have all the makings for an all day love affair.

It wasn't all bad. The scenery was pretty amazing riding along the river with the Sierra de las Minas towering on the other side of the valley.

We arrived in Zacapa at the end of the day just in time for a few beers and a mega feast.
Tomorrow we take on the hills

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