Friday, February 4, 2011

Guatemala to Hondruas Charity Ride

Were gearing up for a first time charity ride following the now defunct United Fruit Railroad line from Guatemala City out to Copan las Ruinas Honduras. We ship out on the 6th of March and will take 6 days to get there.

The railroad line heads east out of the Capital and steadily drops out of the mountains on its way to Hondras. Much of the ride follows the Sanarate river and then the larger Montagua River basin. The Montagua winds its way through the beautiful semi-arid topography teeming amazing bird life, Gila Monsters and other unique animals.

The line once an economic lifeline connecting Guatemala City and the banana fields with the Carribean port, is now a defunct corridor with relic tunnels and trestles perfect for riding.
This is pioneer trip. No one has endeavored to ply this route before. We will use this unique adventure as a fund raising event for the Global Vision International Pheonix program.
if you are interested in joining the ride you can either get in touch with us at Old Town Outfitters, or GVI directly.
Get out and ride, come ride with us and ride for a good cuase.
See ya on the trail!

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