Monday, April 7, 2008

Rio Lanquin

Hey check it out, I'm in process of sharpening my skills on the river. Who knows maybe this will turn into another great direction for us at Old Town Outfitters. We are hoping to partner up with the lads out in lanquin Alta verapaz to start running some river trips this summer. With a little luck, I'll be able to run as a support kayaker on the trips.

This particular shot is from the ledge drop rapid on the Rio Lanquin. I swam this one the first time around and was able to nail it the second go around.

The Rio Lanquin meets up with the Rio Cahabon just down river from here and thats where the real fun starts. We're starting to run logistics supporting multiday river running expeditions, so if youre a padler let us know and we'll get you out on the river.
Talk to ya soon,

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