Thursday, April 3, 2008

River Tracing!

Check it out! In an effort to continue searching out the fresh....we just got back from a weekend trip canyoneering Guatemala's upper Coyolate River. It was a pioneer trip creek walking with a couple rappels mixed in to keep things ineresting. I can assure you we were the first gringos to see the folds and canyons this river has to offer. A 4 hour 4x4 truck ride got us up to the head waters of the river and then a 7 hour slosh through her canyons dropped us by the road side just in time for a cold beer. This canyon is only passable during the driest of the months so we'll have to wait another year to get back in here. This will soon become one of our seasonal favorites for those who like to get as far back into the backcountry as possible. This one even surprised us!

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