Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tis the season

The rains have stopped and the trials are open for business and better than ever!

We fight through the rainy season because we are cyclist and to be a cyclist here in Guatemala means that you have to ride during the rainy season too.

 However, every year about this time, just as you are about at your wits end with muddy bikes, rutted trails and soggy shoes the clouds break and the sun comes out.  The days are crisp and warm and afternoons turn gloriously golden and the temps start to give way to evening.

This is when the single-track in Guatemala is just right.  The trails are technical, tacky and everything is green.  Now we drop the wet lube for dry, leave the rain coats behind and  get out as much as possible.  You shouldnt take my word for how nice it is though, grab your steed and head down to Guatemala and join us on the trail.

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