Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another successful Phoenix Fund raiser trip done.  

We got back yesterday from our annual Beast of the East Rail Trail ride from Guatemala City out to the Mayan ruins of Copan, Honduras.  The ride was a huge success and The Phoenix Projects was able to raise $10,000!  That is enough to cover about 5 of the 15 or so teacher salaries for the whole year!  So as you can see, there is still plenty of need for more donations.

Old Town will be pitching in again this fall in October when we will be operating the Phoenix Volcano Challenge.  This is a grueling trip that takes participants across Guatemala climbing 4 volcanoes in 4 days.

We'll climb Guatemala's and Central American's largest volcano, Tajumulco, San Pedro at lake atitlan, Chicabal and Santa Maria outside the town of Quetlzaltenango.

 Its  a fast paced trip and has to be to cover as much ground as we do.  If you missed out on the last opportunity to get involved now is your chance.  Get in touch with us at Old Town if you are interested in joining the group.

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