Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BIKE Magazine Sneak Preview

A few months back the good lads at BIKE MAGAZINE sent a team down to Guatemala to check out the mountain biking scene here. Needless to say we made sure to show them a good time. Jordan Manley took some stellar images of our trip. Having seen his images I thought maybe he had shot in some other location. Damn does he have a good eye. Keep an eye out for his stuff in BIKE and most every SKI publications.

-taking in the sunset in the Cuchumantanes-

A few of the photos from the trip that will soon grace the pages of this summers BIKE magazine telling the story have been leaked to us here at the shop. I figured I would go ahead and post ya a few of these jewels.

-Atitlan Singletrack at sunset-
We greased the trails at Atitlan for a few days making sure to hit all the favorites and a couple stealh new trails as well. We had amazing weather and I think Jordans images can attest to that.

-Mateo roundin it out on a new ride "Ladies Choice"-
Not sure how he can make these images so bad ass, but they're pretty stellar.

-Luisa Getting nasty on the Santa Cat-
For more images go to Jordan's website and hold tight for the images to come out this summer.
-Traffic jam on Volcan de Agua-

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