Monday, March 10, 2008

El Hato Training Ride

Upon joining the team at Old Town I discovered I needed a little training to get me up to speed for the local climbs. The x-country mountain biking here in Antigua, Guatemala is pretty amazing but the climbs can be large. Training is key. This little ride, the El Hato Training Ride includes a good size climb; about 1/2 an hour or 40 minutes to the town of El Hato. From El Hato, a nice chunk of single track drops you back into San Felipe just outside Antigua. It's the perfect little training ride.

It just so happens this classic trail ride was technical enough to buck me on camera, making this a classic mountain biking video. You don't always get a good digger on camera! Happy to oblige y'all.

Enjoy, Tim!

1 comment:

Carlos said...

I remember that ride.
Is one of my favorites!