Friday, January 22, 2016

The Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala - OTO Staff Picks

If you find yourself visiting our lovely town of Antigua, Guatemala, you will be glad to know there is no lack of great restaurant options. Wonder around the cobble-stone streets and you will be able to find everything from local cuisine, Italian, Japanese, French, German, and so many more. A few of us here in the Old Town Outfitter's office decided to share a few of our top picks around town. We hope you try a few and enjoy your visit! 


Chris' Picks

    Pitaya Juice Bar. Fresh fruit smoothies (liquados) are popular throughout Guatemala, Pitaya serves some of the best I’ve found so far. They also have a simple menu of fresh, healthy, and affordable breakfast and lunch options. My recommendations are the Chia Mia smoothie and the Mr. Aguacate wrap. Smoothies: Q20-30, Wraps: Q30-35

Metiz Delicatessen and Bistro. This small French restaurant has become one of my go-to spots among Antigua’s vast pool of choices. I have yet to try something I did not like on the menu and the staff is always friendly. It is hard for me to narrow down the choices, but my top two recommendations are the large salad (probably my favorite salad in Antigua) and the Croque Monsieur sandwich. Average dinner: Q60-80 per person

Rincon Tipico Comedor. This local restaurant has grown over the years from a closet sized lunch spot to a sizeable dining room that accommodates large groups. There is a reason they’ve grown over the years, they offer good portion plates at a super affordable price. Ask for the day’s options and then choose your meat and two sides. My suggestion:  start with a side of guacamole and chips for your table – hard to go wrong there. Lunch: Q30 including drink


    Matt's Picks

    Cactus Grill. Mexican style tacos, cold Mexican beers and margaritas!  Need I say more?  Some of the best guacamole in town and do not pass up the Shrimp and Bacon burrito! 

-     Hector's Bistro. An Antigua establishment for a decade.  What started as a buddy’s (Hector) word of mouth restaurant without a name or sign out front has come to define small, quaint well thought out dining in Antigua.  Don't miss the original Antigua open faced steak sandwich                        and sweet potato fries!

Quincho's Street Ceviches. Starting Friday afternoon through the weekend you can be sure to catch someone you know out on the street fighting off last night’s bender with a 'picosito' (Antigua style prepared beer) and a shrimp ceviche.

    Reinhard's Picks

    Saberico: If you like choices, get a load of their extensive menu. Even vegetarians may have a hard time deciding, which is usually not a problem they encounter in Guatemalan restaurants. Also great: the selection of comida típica. Try the authentic Guatemalan enchilada, you’ll see that it is a far cry from the Mexican variety! 

     Casa Santo Tomás: The best part about a smaller menu is that you can focus on doing fewer dishes exceptionally well. Casa Santo Tomás is great for entrées like spicy chicken with fennel seeds and Guatemalan specialties like Suban’ik, an aromatic stew that is served with sliced, fried tamales on the side. Extra plus: One of a handful of places that serves locally brewed craft beer.

La Canche: Not only is this a hole in the wall, you have to enter walking through the adjacent mom-and-pop store before finding a seat in the back room. Menu? Don’t look for one, it doesn’t exist. Just ask one of the little old ladies what’s for dinner today. Whether it’s chicken soup or Pepián, it’s bound to be simple, hearty, and a Guatemalan staple. If you go, make sure you come prepared to burst the bubble that Antigua can be.